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[News:tada:] I will start working as a predoctoral young investigator at Allen Institute for AI in September 2024! I will continue working on large language models.

I am currently a visiting student researcher at Allen Institute for AI (AI2) working on large language models, closely working with Nouha Dziri, Liwei Jiang, Kavel Rao, and advised by Yejin Choi. At AI2, I also worked with Youngjae Yu and Jack Hessel on scalable data collection for vision-language models. I am interested in simple, intuitive, and scalable algorithms for teaching large neural networks. I design new algorithms to teach them and spend time building empirical foundations of these algorithms; please see here for more details about my research.

I am expected to earn a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Seoul National University in August 2024. During undergrad, I also did research at Hyperconnect in 2019-2022 on language modeling for dialogue, text-to-speech, and real-world machine learning problems.